Rick Steves
Best of Germany, Austria and
Switzerland in 14 days
Sept 23-Oct 8, 2010
Black Forest
You are now in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald)...... be careful as there are werewolves, scorcers, witches and devils believed to inhabit the area. To balance the evil, the good news is, there are benevolent dwarfs.

Pictured below is what I call a cake!! I tried a small piece of Black Forest Cake in Baden Baden and it was very light as the filling and frosting are both whipped cream.
This VW is topped with the famous Bollenhut (pompom hat) which also adorns women on traditional holidays.
Sausages and more sausages... you are in Germany!!
The above house was brought down from the upper forest. It was owned by the same family since the 1600's. Several generations of family shared the home.
The girls had bedrooms and the boys slept in the loft above the cows. They fed the cows by dropping hay down from the loft and the heat from the cows rose up to keep them warm at night.