Rick Steves
Best of Germany, Austria and
Switzerland in 14 days
Sept 23-Oct 8, 2010
Baden Baden, Germany
Now is the time to have some fun in Baden Baden like Russian royalty before. They gambled and visited the famous spas. Your choice now...spa, with or without clothes!
My favorite place for lunch was the Nordsee-a fish "fast food" chain.
It felt like they literally rolled out the red carpet for us! This was a "must see" city for me!

Baden Baden (Bath Bath) reminded me of Paris....how about some pasteries...
The famous Spielbank Casino is over 200 years old. The rooms were designed in the style of a French chateau, very classy.
Our tour guide Pat sharing information about Baden Baden in front of a beer garden.
I walked into this Russian Church to the sweet scent of incense.
Take a stroll along the serene Lichtentaler Allee with its waterway that winds through town.