Rick Steves
Best of Germany, Austria and
Switzerland in 14 days
Sept 23-Oct 8, 2010
Beilstein & Burg Elz
We are stopping for lunch on the Mosel River in Beilstein. This is a wine growing area now.
Hope you are ready for a nice long walk, the next
stop is Burg Eltz. This castle was built in 1268 and
800 years later it is still owned by the same family!
Note the scaffolding. The walls need reinforcing so
they don't collapse. Be sure to drop into the treasury chamber on the lower level to see a large, wonderful
collection of medieval goldsmith's work.
Don't miss the lovely Catholic church.
We took this gorgeous walk through the moss laden forest to get back to the bus...imagine it at night.... or hundreds of years ago when intruders were making their way through to attack this German castle.
If you really like onions try the Onion Quiche at Hotel Haus Lipman.