Rick Steves
Best of Germany, Austria and
Switzerland in 14 days
Sept 23-Oct 8, 2010
Trier, Germany
Join your tour group in Trier to view the 11th Century Romanesque Cathedral. If you are coming from Luxembourg City remember to get off at the second stop. I didn't and had quite an adventure when I joined a French woman traveler who had to get a connecting train.
The City of Trier is 2000 years old. It was named the "Rome of the North". You will see plenty of Roman ruins including Porta Negra, the last of four remaining gates into the city.
This relief was found during the excavation for a subterranean restaurant where we ate a scrumptious dinner.
Replica of a Roman Burial Monument. See the wine barrels.
Rococco Architecture of Electoral Palace c 1716, restored 1954-56. There are beautiful gardens also.