Rick Steves
Best of Germany, Austria and
Switzerland in 14 days
Sept 23-Oct 8, 2010
Neuschwanstein & Luge
Disney was inspired by the ROYAL CASTLE NEUSCHWANSTEIN in Germany. King Ludwig's detractors probably institutionalized and murdered him because of the money the King spent on the wonderous castle. Two weeks after the King's death the castle was open for tours!
No photos are allowed inside but when you enter you will be in awe of the murals depecting Richard Wagner's operas. It is not hard to see where Walt Disney got ideas for the castle at Disneyland and for movies. Be sure to observe the mural in the Singers Hall which is a forest scene with a reindeer.Change that to a fawn and.....
Neuschwanstein was begun in 1869, four years after the end of our Civil War. The bridge was constructed in 1866.
Stopping for pictures before we arrive at the castle.
Waiting a few minutes before going into the castle are Margaret, Joyce, Steve and Jim.
Tom, Naoko, Carol and Janice
This lake was in the town where we departed to go up to the castle. You will see a nice view of this from the castle.
A wave from Janice.
Mary Beth, Sue and Karen
Next stop after the tour was a little break for some fun down the road!